Best Keyboard For ASUS ROG Ally (Gaming, Wireless, Compatible)

As the world of gaming continues to evolve, so does the demand for advanced gaming peripherals that complement high-performance gaming devices like the ASUS ROG Ally. This handheld gaming console, with its powerful AMD Ryzen 7 7840U processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti graphics card, offers an unrivaled gaming experience. But to truly unlock its potential, you need the right keyboard.

Keyboards are not just input devices; they are an extension of the gamer’s will, a tool that could be the difference between victory and defeat in your gaming world. Choosing the right keyboard for your ASUS ROG Ally is therefore a critical step towards enhancing your gaming experience.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve deep into the world of keyboards, exploring a range of options from mechanical to wireless, and from compact to full-size. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer demanding responsive, tactile switches, or a portable gamer seeking a compact and wireless solution, we’ve got you covered. We’ll also break down the pros and cons of each option, making it easier for you to make an informed choice.

So, buckle up as we embark on this journey to find the best keyboard for your ASUS ROG Ally. With the right balance of comfort, functionality, and performance, the perfect keyboard is waiting to take your gaming experience to new heights.

Here is the list of the Best Keyboard For ASUS ROG Ally

  1. RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  2. ASUS ROG Falchion Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  3. Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo
  4. CORSAIR K57 RGB Wireless Gaming Keyboard
  5. Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  6. ROCCAT Vulcan TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

1. RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Whether you’re on the hunt for a portable, feature-packed keyboard for your ASUS ROG Ally or simply looking to improve your gaming setup, the RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 might just be the solution you’ve been waiting for. This compact yet powerful mechanical gaming keyboard impresses with its performance, design, and price point, easily holding its own against rivals in the market.

A standout feature of the RK61 is its ultra-compact 60% layout, perfect for those who prioritize portability and desk space. It weighs in at a mere 1.06 pounds and comes in a sleek white finish that complements the aesthetic of the ASUS ROG Ally beautifully.

The build quality is impressive, with a durable frame that can withstand rigorous gaming sessions. The hot-swappable Brown switches offer a pleasant tactile feel and a satisfying clicky sound that’s not too loud, making it suitable for both gaming and typing.

For gamers, the customizable RGB backlighting is a major selling point. The RK61 offers an array of dynamic RGB effects, adding a touch of personal flair to your gaming experience.

It’s wired, ensuring a lag-free experience crucial for competitive gaming. But don’t worry about compatibility, thanks to its USB-C connection, it can seamlessly connect with the ASUS ROG Ally.

The RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 stands out from competitors like the Anne Pro 2 and the Keychron K6 with its unique combination of features and affordability. While both Anne Pro 2 and Keychron K6 offer wireless functionality, they come with a higher price tag. The RK61, on the other hand, focuses on core gaming features, offering excellent value for money.


  • Compact and Portable: Its 60% layout is perfect for gaming on the go with ASUS ROG Ally.
  • Quality Brown Switches: Hot-swappable, offering a balance between typing and gaming.
  • RGB Backlighting: Customizable lighting to enhance gaming aesthetics.
  • Wired for Performance: No input lag which is crucial in competitive gaming.


  • Lack of Dedicated Arrow Keys: Some gamers might miss the traditional layout.
  • Wired Only: While this ensures high performance, some might prefer a wireless option for more flexibility.

The RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 is a robust, stylish, and feature-rich mechanical keyboard that pairs well with the ASUS ROG Ally. Its few drawbacks are far outweighed by its strengths, making it an excellent choice for both novice and veteran gamers alike.

2. ASUS ROG Falchion Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

In the ever-evolving world of gaming, precision, responsiveness, and comfort are paramount. Enter the ASUS ROG Falchion Wireless 65% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. This gaming beast, designed specifically for ASUS ROG Ally, is an incredible blend of cutting-edge features and exceptional build quality.

The ASUS ROG Falchion is an impressive blend of compactness and robustness. With its 65% layout, it’s small enough to accompany your ASUS ROG Ally anywhere, yet spacious enough to provide comfortable gaming and typing experiences. The PBT keycaps guarantee a durable and premium feel, and the Cherry MX Red switches under them offer a smooth and linear response with no audible click, perfect for swift and silent gaming operations.

This keyboard’s standout feature is the near-zero latency 2.4 GHz RF connection, providing you with unrivaled response times crucial for competitive gaming. Combine this with an astounding battery life of up to 450 hours, and you get a gaming keyboard that’s ready for marathon sessions.

The Aura Sync RGB lighting, customizable per-key, adds a touch of personal flair and a captivating visual experience to your gaming setup. The interactive touch panel further enriches functionality, allowing easy control over functions like volume, play/pause, RGB lighting adjustments, and more.

In comparison to other gaming keyboards in the market, the ASUS ROG Falchion stands a class apart with its unique blend of features, including prolonged battery life, near-zero latency, and an interactive touch panel. While it comes at a premium, the multitude of features justifies the investment for any serious gamer.


  • Compact Design: The 65% layout is perfect for gamers on the move.
  • Prolonged Battery Life: Up to 450 hours for uninterrupted gaming sessions.
  • Near-Zero Latency: Ensures precise and instantaneous response.
  • Interactive Touch Panel: For quick access to essential controls.
  • Customizable Aura Sync RGB Lighting: Enhances gaming aesthetics.
  • Cherry MX Red Switches: For swift and silent keystrokes.


  • Lack of Wired Option: Although it boasts an exceptional wireless connection, some gamers prefer a wired option for peace of mind.
  • Price: High-end features come with a high-end price tag.

The ASUS ROG Falchion Wireless 65% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is more than just a gaming accessory; it’s a game-changer. If you’re looking to elevate your gaming experience with your ASUS ROG Ally, it’s an investment worth considering.

3. Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

The Logitech MK270 is a reliable and robust combo that boasts superior build quality and feature-rich components, making it an excellent choice for both novice and veteran gamers alike. The compact design makes it easy to carry around, perfectly complementing the portable nature of the ASUS ROG Ally.

The 2.4 GHz wireless connection ensures a lag-free gaming experience, crucial in those intense gaming moments. With a robust signal strength and almost no dropouts, the MK270 will keep you in the game, no matter where you are.

As for features, the keyboard comes with eight dedicated multimedia and shortcut keys, allowing you quick access to media controls, mail, internet, and more. This feature is incredibly useful during MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games where you might want to control background music or look up information without leaving the game.

The included compact mouse provides precision tracking, enhancing your ability in FPS (First-Person Shooter) games, where accuracy is key.

The Logitech MK270 excels in a broad spectrum of gaming genres. Whether you’re taking on enemies in ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’ or questing through a sprawling fantasy world in ‘World of Warcraft’, this keyboard-mouse combo delivers top-notch performance.

Beyond gaming, this combo is also suitable for activities such as programming, graphic design, or any productivity tasks due to its comfort and functionality.

In terms of price, the Logitech MK270 provides excellent value for its cost, making it a suitable choice for budget-conscious gamers. While it lacks some gaming-specific features found in more expensive models like the ASUS ROG Falchion, the MK270 still delivers solid performance that outshines other wireless keyboard-mouse combos in its price range.


  • Reliable Wireless Connectivity: Near zero lag, providing a smooth gaming experience.
  • Dedicated Multimedia Keys: Convenient access to essential commands.
  • Precision Mouse: Essential for games requiring accuracy.
  • Portability: Compact and lightweight, perfect for gaming on the go with ASUS ROG Ally.


  • Lack of Backlighting: Makes it challenging to use in low light conditions.
  • No Dedicated Gaming Keys: Might not suit hard-core gamers.

The Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo is a compelling choice for anyone looking to enhance their gaming experience with the ASUS ROG Ally. It’s not just a tool for gaming, but a productivity powerhouse as well, serving as an excellent companion for a wide variety of tasks.

4. CORSAIR K57 RGB Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Stepping up your ASUS ROG Ally gaming experience requires a perfect partner, and the CORSAIR K57 RGB Wireless Gaming Keyboard is here to take the center stage. This keyboard not only delivers exceptional performance but also dazzles with an aesthetic appeal that’s hard to ignore.

The CORSAIR K57 flaunts a top-tier build quality, giving you a durable gaming companion. Its design is a fusion of ergonomics and aesthetics, providing comfort during those extended gaming marathons.

A unique feature of the K57 is the versatile connection options. The Slipstream Wireless technology offers a blisteringly fast sub-1ms response time. But if you prefer, you can also connect via Bluetooth or a wired connection, offering flexibility based on your gaming needs.

The individually backlit RGB keys bring a vibrant and customizable splash of color to your gaming experience. It’s not just about the looks; the illumination can be a practical advantage in dim environments.

One of the standout features is the six programmable macro keys, giving you the edge in games where quick action sequences can turn the tide of battle.

The K57 also provides dedicated multimedia keys, allowing easy access to your media files. Whether you’re in the mood for some background music while gaming or want to quickly pull up reference images or videos, these keys make the process seamless.

With the CORSAIR K57, you’re all set for a variety of gaming genres. Whether it’s tactical MMOs like ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ or action-packed MOBAs like ‘Dota 2’, the programmable macro keys enable quicker command execution.

Beyond gaming, the K57 is a reliable partner for content creation and productivity tasks. If you’re into video editing or graphic design, the customizable macro keys can be programmed to handle complex software commands, making your workflow smoother and more efficient.

In terms of price, the CORSAIR K57 sits in the mid-range, offering an excellent balance between cost and feature set. While premium keyboards like the ASUS ROG Falchion provide additional features, the K57 still stands strong with its versatile connectivity and programmable keys, making it an outstanding choice in its price range.


  • Versatile Connectivity: Offers Slipstream Wireless, Bluetooth, and wired connections.
  • Programmable Macro Keys: Provide a strategic advantage in games.
  • Customizable RGB Backlighting: Enhances aesthetics and practical usage in low light.
  • Dedicated Multimedia Keys: Convenient access to media files.


  • Size: Not as compact as some alternatives, impacting portability.
  • Battery Life: While satisfactory, it could be better compared to some competitors.

The CORSAIR K57 RGB Wireless Gaming Keyboard is a formidable tool in the hands of any gamer. Its rich feature set, combined with the versatility of use, makes it a perfect match for the ASUS ROG Ally. Whether you’re gaming, editing, or designing, the K57 is ready to light up your performance.

5. Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Power and portability converge with the Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed – a wireless mechanical gaming keyboard designed to complement the ASUS ROG Ally’s gaming prowess.

The Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed lives up to its name by providing an ultra-compact 65% layout, perfect for the mobility that the ASUS ROG Ally demands. Despite its small size, the keyboard doesn’t compromise on build quality or features.

The Yellow Mechanical Switches are a highlight, offering a smooth, linear keystroke with a quiet operation. These switches are perfect for both fast-paced gaming and typing tasks.

The Phantom Pudding Keycaps elevate the aesthetics of this keyboard. Not only do they lend a unique touch to the design, but they also allow the RGB backlighting to shine through, creating a stunning visual experience.

The HyperSpeed Wireless Technology, as the name suggests, provides high-speed wireless connectivity, minimizing lag and ensuring a seamless gaming experience. On top of this, the keyboard supports Bluetooth connection for up to three devices, adding to its versatility.

A remarkable feature of this keyboard is its impressive 200-hour battery life. Long gaming sessions are no issue for the Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed.

This keyboard is a versatile performer, making it a great fit for all types of games. Whether you’re charging into battle in a high-action FPS like ‘Overwatch’ or strategizing in a RTS like ‘StarCraft II’, the responsiveness of the Yellow Mechanical Switches ensures your commands are executed instantly.

Outside gaming, the keyboard can be a potent tool for productivity tasks. Its ability to connect to three devices via Bluetooth makes it an excellent choice for multitaskers who frequently switch between devices.

While the Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed sits on the higher end of the price spectrum, the feature set it offers justifies the investment. Its performance and functionality hold up well against other high-end models like the CORSAIR K57 and ASUS ROG Falchion.


  • Compact Design: Perfect for the portable nature of the ASUS ROG Ally.
  • HyperSpeed Wireless Technology: Provides fast and lag-free connectivity.
  • Yellow Mechanical Switches: Offer linear, quiet keystrokes.
  • 200-hour Battery Life: Ideal for long gaming sessions.
  • Multi-device Bluetooth Connection: Increases versatility and multitasking potential.


  • Price: Premium features come with a premium price tag.
  • No Dedicated Multimedia Keys: Might be an inconvenience for some users.

The Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a stellar piece of tech, built to amplify the portable gaming experience of the ASUS ROG Ally. With its high-speed performance, exceptional battery life, and compact design, this keyboard promises to elevate your gaming and productivity prowess to new heights.

6. ROCCAT Vulcan TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

In the realm of budget-friendly gaming peripherals, the ROCCAT Vulcan TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has emerged as an attractive prospect for ASUS ROG Ally users. Despite its competitive price point, the keyboard doesn’t skimp on performance or features.

The ROCCAT Vulcan TKL takes pride in its high-quality construction. The anodized aluminum top plate ensures the keyboard remains robust and sturdy, even during intense gaming sessions. The compact, tenkeyless design contributes to a minimalist aesthetic, ideal for gamers with limited desk space or those seeking portability.

One of the standout features of the Vulcan TKL is the Titan Switch Optical. These switches offer the precision and speed of light-based actuation, ensuring your commands register instantly – a critical factor for competitive gaming.

The keyboard also features RGB AIMO lighting, which offers immersive and dynamic lighting effects. The keys seem to come to life, enhancing the overall gaming atmosphere.

To further elevate its appeal, the Vulcan TKL is equipped with a detachable USB-C cable. This feature not only aids in portability but also extends the lifespan of the keyboard by preventing cable damage.

With its quick-actuation Titan Switch Optical, the Vulcan TKL is designed to handle fast-paced games effortlessly. Be it in FPS titles like ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’ or MOBA games like ‘League of Legends’, your actions will register with lightning-fast speed.

The keyboard’s compact size makes it an excellent companion for LAN parties or gaming tournaments. Additionally, the ROCCAT Vulcan TKL can prove to be a reliable tool for everyday typing tasks and other productivity activities.

In terms of price, the ROCCAT Vulcan TKL is a budget-friendly alternative to high-end models like the Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed or the CORSAIR K57. Despite its affordability, the keyboard manages to deliver a solid set of features that can enhance the ASUS ROG Ally gaming experience.


  • Titan Switch Optical: Offers swift, light-based actuation.
  • RGB AIMO Lighting: Enhances the gaming environment with dynamic lighting effects.
  • Detachable USB-C Cable: Adds to the keyboard’s portability and durability.
  • Anodized Aluminum Top Plate: Ensures robust construction.
  • Compact, Tenkeyless Design: Ideal for limited desk spaces and portable gaming.


  • No Wireless Connectivity: Could limit flexibility for some users.
  • No Dedicated Macro Keys: Might not suit users who require custom key bindings.

The ROCCAT Vulcan TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a testament to the fact that budget-friendly doesn’t have to mean compromise. Offering a robust construction, fast actuation switches, and dynamic lighting, it stands as a fantastic option for ASUS ROG Ally users who want to elevate their gaming sessions without breaking the bank.

Things You Should Know Before Buying

When you’re looking to buy the best keyboard for your ASUS ROG Ally, it’s important to consider a variety of factors to ensure you make the right choice. Here are some crucial points to keep in mind:

  1. Type of Keyboard: There are different types of keyboards on the market, including mechanical, membrane, and wireless keyboards. Mechanical keyboards, for instance, provide a tactile feel and faster response time, making them ideal for gaming.
  2. Size and Layout: Keyboards come in various sizes and layouts. Some gamers might prefer a full-sized keyboard with a number pad, while others might opt for a compact, tenkeyless version. If portability is crucial for you, consider a compact or mini keyboard.
  3. Connectivity: Keyboards can be wired or wireless. Wired keyboards can deliver quicker response times, which is crucial for gaming. On the other hand, wireless keyboards provide more flexibility and eliminate cable clutter.
  4. Switch Type: If you’re considering a mechanical keyboard, pay attention to the type of switches it uses. Different switches (like Cherry MX Red, Brown, or Blue) offer different levels of actuation force, sound, and tactile feedback.
  5. Backlighting: Backlit keys can be useful for gaming in low light conditions. Some keyboards also offer RGB lighting, which can be customized for aesthetic appeal.
  6. Additional Features: Look for features like programmable keys, multimedia controls, or a USB pass-through port. Some gaming keyboards also come with software that allows you to customize key bindings and lighting effects.
  7. Price: Gaming keyboards can range from budget-friendly to high-end models. Determine your budget and consider the features that are most important to you.
  8. Compatibility: Ensure the keyboard is fully compatible with your ASUS ROG Ally and its operating system.
  9. Brand Reputation: Consider the brand’s reputation for quality and customer service. Reading reviews from other users can be helpful.
  10. Durability: Look for a keyboard built to last. Features like a metal or high-quality plastic casing, water resistance, and keycap material can affect a keyboard’s longevity.

Remember, the best keyboard for your ASUS ROG Ally ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences as a gamer.


The right keyboard can profoundly transform your gaming experience on the ASUS ROG Ally. From responsive mechanical keyboards to compact and wireless ones, each offers unique features tailored to enhance your gameplay. Regardless of whether you’re an eSports enthusiast, a casual gamer, or someone seeking a balance between work and play, there’s a keyboard out there designed to meet your needs.

The top picks we’ve discussed, ranging from the high-end Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed to the budget-friendly ROCCAT Vulcan TKL, demonstrate the vast array of choices available in the market. Each model brings its own strengths and weaknesses to the table, and the ultimate decision boils down to your personal preferences, play style, and budget.

Remember that comfort, functionality, and durability should be key considerations in your decision-making process. After all, your keyboard is more than just a peripheral; it’s your primary tool of interaction with the virtual worlds you explore on your ASUS ROG Ally.

As technology continues to advance, we can only anticipate more innovative keyboards, further enhancing our gaming experiences. Stay tuned, keep exploring, and most importantly, enjoy the immersive world of gaming that your ASUS ROG Ally offers.






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